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Superhero is the new CD from Candye Kane. The title track leads off here. Candye’s voice jumped out of my speakers and knocked me right back in my chair as the song started. There are some great lyrics here. Candye reminds us that she has always been a fighter. I love the bass guitar plucking just under the organ, then the guitar solo blasts out at you. With some nice sax fills mixed in, this song has it all.

Hey! Toughen Up! follows with what sounds like a pep talk she gave herself while going through her Cancer ordeal. Again lyrically this song kind of puts you right in Candye’s head, very nice. Mix a little CCR, some flavoring of Indian music on top of surf guitar with Candye’s New Orleans voodoo lyrics and you have the feel for I Put A Hex On You.

I'm a Bad, Bad Girl had me thinking I was listening to Lou Ann Barton. That style of vocals fits perfectly here on this Texas blues sounding tune. Ik Hou Van Je (I Love You) is a jazzy little piece with some nice piano work provided by Greg Rutledge.

Next up is Who's Been Sleeping In My Bed? This song has the Animals House of the Rising Son or CCR’s I Put a Spell on You vibe to it. You Need Love is a nice take on the Willie Dixon penned song. Most of you will recognize this as Led Zepplin’s Whole Lotta Love.

I Like 'Em Stacked Like That refers to a man’s perspective and that’s what you get added to Candye’s preferences on this duet with Mitch Kashmir. They basically just banter back and forth about what they like in the opposite sex. Mitch also adds some nice harp work to Till You Go Too Far. On this track Candye asks “How do you know if you’ve gone far enough, baby til you go too far” The lyrics appear to be autobiographical about her past and her crazy friends that she loves just like they are. Kid Ramos tasty guitar is featured on both of these songs.

Picture Of You is a slow Blues tune lamenting a past relationship. When she is lonesome and blue she can always bring back those old feelings by pulling out her picture of you. There is some dreamy guitar work here by Candye’s guitarist Laura Chavez who is stellar throughout this release.

We get a 60’s pop Motown girl group feel on I Didn't Listen To My Heart. I got a little bit of a 60’s surf vibe on Throw It In The Trash Can Love with the guitar and sax being out front on this one.

I'm Gonna Be Just Fine is the final track. On it Candye tells us she’s going to be ok. She sings “I’m gonna live till 109, I’m gonna be just fine.” She’s continues with “I’m healing even now” and we are glad she did.

This CD may be her finest to date. Superhero kind of sums it all up in one word.

Ron Hoerter

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If you have a CD that you would like us to consider reviewing. Contact us @ [email protected]


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