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Who's on First -- October 1, 2014    •    BEST 50 Blues/Blues Rock releases from 2013



            How 'bout them Fall colors!!!   Up here in the Northland they're about at prime.  Took a drive up Rhinelander way a few days back to take in all the reds, oranges and yellows.  The colors were truly  FANTASTIC!  Only negative is it means Winter's round the corner.

            Read that the Pabst Brewing Co. & the Pabst Blue Ribbon brand name have been sold by C. Dean Metropoulos & Co. (also part owners of Hostess Brands - makers of Twinkies) - the twinks!  Not surprising really since most if not all the largest U.S. breweries have been sold.  Not even surprising that the buyer is a company from a foreign country since the current owners of Miller (PLC) hale from South Africa and Budweiser was bought by AB InBN - a Belgium-Brazilian conglomerate.

            What is surprising is WHAT foreign country ponied up the cash!  The buyer of record appears to be Oasis Beverages whose home office is - wait for it! - would you believe RUSSIA!   Is this part of Putin's punishment campaign against the west???   Suds for Soviets?  Beer and borsht for all?

            No brick & mortar breweries are involved since Pabst doesn't have any.  All Pabst products are made under contract by others.  In Milwaukee where Pabst started the beer is made by - wait for it -Miller!

            Wonder what the Oasis ad campaigns might be like?  Some that came to mind are - "You'll be glad to have a beer with Vlad!", "Enjoy a refreshing Pabst Red Banner!", "Pabst - the beer that made Russia infamous" - and on and on and on!

            Pabst Brewing Co. owns the rights to even more brand names with historic links to Wisconsin such as Old Milwaukee, Schlitz and Old Style making one wonder what other TV and media spots they'll come up with.  The mind both boggles and shudders to think.



            I'm STILL looking for Blues gigs, festivals and related events that you know about but aren't reflected in the most recent "Who's On...".  If you have information about an event, upcoming gig or Blues happening drop me a line with the who, where, when and other details and I'll consider adding it to the next edition!  If you know of a CHANGE (date, location, artists appearing) in a listed event not shown in the latest edition that will STILL be relevant in the NEXT please let me know as well.


            B.B. KING: 

            Back in May (I'm really on top of things!) Riley B. King - AKA B.B. as in Blues Boy - made his lastappearance at his own 34th Annual Homecoming Festival in Indianola, MS.  I expect after 34 years PLUS growing up in the area maybe it was getting a little boring.  And he's 89 years old (Sept. 16, 1925).  If you're down that way stop and see the B.B. King Museum and the corner where he played as a young man.  The museum is one of the stops on the "must see" list for Blues fans.

            BYTHER SMITH

            Byther has been one of my personal favorites for many years.  Looks like he's retiring from active performing as of the end of September.  His last gig (as far as I know) was at Kinston Mines in Chicago, ILLINOIS Sept. 26 & 27 which included a retirement bash.  Always hoped someone would bring him up for Big Bull or one of the other Wisconsin Blues fests.  Still might not be too late people!  If you know someone involved in the fests put in a plug.

            COSIMO MATASSA: 

            Not exactly a household name except to some in the music business - Cosimo opened the VERY first recording studio in New Orleans back in 1945!  Named the J&M Studio located on Rampart Street in the French Quarter - it produced over 250 nationally charting singles and 21 gold records and has since been designated a historic landmark.  Among artists recorded there were Little Richard ("Tutti Frutti"), Smiley Lewis ("I Hear You Knockin'") and Fats Domino ("The Fat Man") plus Ray Charles, Dr. John and many more.  Mr. Matassa was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 2012 and in 2013 the Blues Hall of Fame .  He  passed September 11th at the age of 88. 

            WALTER TROUT:

            Is still playing and practicing at home in California where he's gained back TWENTY pounds since arriving in the LA area.  This week he'll start physical therapy locally.  Knock on wood - things continue to look up for both Walter and his family.    

            Provogue's NEW album celebrating Walter's 25th anniversary as a solo artist with ALL NEW MATERIAL is doing well in the charts.  Titled THE BLUES CAME CALLIN' it includes a CD and a DVD and can be sourced at a audio outlet near you.


            I'm told the Farmer's Almanac has predicted a Winter similar to what we had last year for 2014 - 2015 - may they roast in the fires of Hell!  Should that become reality AND/OR if you just want a break from the shoveling and cold temps ya might want to consider joining the Jimmy's January 24th thru the 31st, 2015 at Puerto Plata in the Dominican Republic.  Young Mr. Voegeli and Company are returning to the VH Gran Ventana Beach Resort there for some music plus fun in the sun! 

            The resort is all-inclusive and located on the sands of Playa Dorada in Puerto Plata.  All-inclusive means ALL meals, snacks and drinks (including BEER, wine and cocktails), daily bikes, tennis, snork-eling, windsurfing, kayaks, sailing, entertainment (including Spanish & Merengue lessions), fitness center and LOTS more.  All that and ya get the Jimmy's eight piece band!  Did I mention the almost FREE Beer!!!  Don't know if they have free cheese.

            If the above floats your boat contact Middleton Travel at 800 688-8785 for reservations and more detail.  Then ya can ask em' if there's free cheese.  The Doc would REALLY like to go you all but will probably be in Memphis for the IBC instead.  So ya know I'm not getting any kickbacks here.  Wouldn't take em if offered but only those who know me well know that's a fact ya can take to the bank.  Have a fantastic time to all that go!  Wonder who's taking care of the Brown Swiss on the Voegeli farms???       


            The Roots Music Top 50 Blues radio chart dated Sept. 29th shows Elvin Bishop's CAN'T EVEN DO WRONG RIGHT first, Janiva Magness' ORIGINAL moving up to 2nd, Selwyn Birchwood's DON'T CALL NO AMBULANCE in 3rd, Alexis P. Suter's LOVE THE WAY YOU ROLL 4th, and Johnny Winter'sSTOP BACK charting at the 5th spot.

            Albums from JAREKUS SINGLETON, J.P. Soars, JOHN HIATT, MARCIA BALL and MISSY ANDERSON round out the top ten for last week.  The Wisconsin Roots Music chart from September 29th has TWEED FUNK's excellent "First Name Lucky" in 1st place for ANOTHER WEEK!!  Congrats ONCE AGAIN to Tweed for a marathon run and a great recording! 

            The Living Blues Magazine Radio charts are done once a month covering the PREVIOUS month so there's NO change from our last edition.   At that time the Mannish Boys WRAPPED UP AND READY was in 1st, Rod Piazza & the Mighty Flyers EMERGENCY SITUATION 2nd, Janiva Magness'ORIGINAL 3rd, Rick Estrin & the Nightcats YOU ASKED FOR IT...LIVE in 4th and Dave Specter'sMESSAG IN A BOTTLE 5th.  The Remaining July top ten slots were efforts from Ronnie Earl & the Broadcasters, Bob Stroger & Kenny Smith, Selwyn Birchwood, Jarekus Singleton and Andy T. & Nick Nixon. 


           The Summer Blues Festival season is really winding down FAST but there are STILL a few left to go.  This year we added MANY a fest showing at least the name, date/s and location including a few a bit further away around the Midwest - events in Ohio, Indiana and the Dakota's - locations that can be reached in about a day's drive.  PLUS I've added MORE Canadian festivals for those looking for a International Blues road trip without flying over the pond.  See the attached for details on the remaining festivals as outlined above.   


            Musical or Blues happenings coming up in the near future around Wausau or within a reasonable drive (about a 100 miles) include the CHAIN OF LAKES BLUES FEST Oct. 3 &4 in Waupaca at the Indain Crossing Casino featuring Howard Luedtke & Blue Max, the Jimmy's, Paul Filipowicz, JIM LIBAN with JOEL PATTERSON and TWEED FUNK, Big Mouth & the Power Tool Horns at Jimmy Sea's in Green Bay Oct. 3rd,  the Goddamns at the Lyric Room @ Keggers in Green Bay, the Bobby Evans Band Oct. 24th at the Deja Vu in Appleton, JUNIOR BROWN Oct. 6th at Wausau's Grand Theater, BRENT JOHNSON & THE CALL UP October 7th at Wausau's Intermission, Cadillac Pete & Howard Luedtke as the Delta Duo Nov. 23rd in Stevens Point at the Elbow Room, the TODD WOLFE BAND at Wausau's Intermission October 14th, Donnie Pick & the Road Band at the Deja Vu in Appleton October 18, Highway 414 at the Intermission in Wausau Dec. 5th and the Dave Steffen Band Oct. 3 & 4 at Bowler's North Star Casino.


            Among BLUES or other special musical events further afield - to pick a few - J.J. GREY & MOFRO at Turner Hall in Milwaukee Oct. 1st, ZZ TOP Oct. 7th at the Riverside in Milwaukee with the Ben Miller Band, the CROSSROADS BLUES SOC. IBC BAND COMPETION Oct. 5th at Mary's Place in Rockford, IL, BIG BILL MORGANFIELD at Buddy Guy's Legends in Chicago, IL Oct. 3, SANTANA in Milwaukee at the Riverside Theater Oct. 8, ROBIN TROWER Oct. 9 at the Pabst Theater in Milwaukee,JW JONES Oct. 3rd at Famous Dave's in Minneapolis, MN. and GLADYS KNIGHT Oct. 11 at Milwaukee's Riverside Theater.


            A reminder that the "Clinic..." starts at 7 PM Central standard time and runs until 11 PM.  Months back we began a review of Blues artists recorded by Paramount Records in Grafton, WI and plan to continue playing one Paramount Blues artist every week until we exhaust what the library holds.

            Came down with a Summer cold and wasn't up to coming into the studio Sept. 24th so there was NO Live show.  Thus the broadcast planned for last week moves to this week with the exception of the Blues Baby Birthday celebrants.

            The "Clinic..." reopens for patients October 1st dispensing Blues medications for all your aches and pains from Ty Curtis, Ruthie Foster, Robert Wilkins, the Radio Kings, Louis Myers plus LOTS more AND this weeks featured artist - EDDIE SHAW!!! 

            During "New & Blue" we'll sample two cuts each from recent new albums including Al Blake's latest BLUES ACCORDING TO BLAKE released on Soul Sanctuary, Kenny Brown's GOIN' BACK TO MISSISSIPPI from Big Legal Mess, the Alastar Greene Band's TROUBLE AT YOUR DOOR via Delta Groove, the Bridget Kelly Band's FOREVER IN BLUES on the Alpha Sun label and Laura Rain & the Caesars newest CLOSER a self released effort.  In addition this weeks Blues Baby Birthday celebrants number Joanna Connor, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Debra Coleman, Koko Taylor, Cub Koda and perhaps more should we have time.

            On October 8th the "Clinic..." will have treatment plans developed by Mud Morganfield with Kim Wilson, Morgan Davis, J.P. Soars, Cousin Joe, Duke Robillard, Shakura S'Aida and others.  In addition we'll hear from the featured artist JIMMY VAUGHAN!!

           Recent releases featured during the "New & Blue" segment this week are Elvin Bishop's CAN'T EVEN DO WRONG RIGHT from Alligator, Eden Brent's JIGSAW HEART out on the Yellow Dog label, Corey Harris's latest effort FULTON BLUES via Blues Boulevard, Andy T./Nick Nixon Band's LIVIN' IT UP from Delta Groove and Seth Walker's self released SKY STILL BLUE.                                        .

            Cake eaters and candle blowers for that week include Joe Callicott, Sammy Price, Roy Book Binder, Cyril Neville, Colin Cooper (Climax Blues Band) and maybe a few others should time allow.

            Our station link to the worldwide web is up and working when last I checked!  If you're outside of WNRB-LP's broadcast area and need a dose of Blues for your aches and pains remember the "Clinic..." IS AVAILABLE 24/7 on the web at OR by going to the station web site - and following the prompts.


            I'm always happy to play requests on the "Clinic..." if they're in the library.  If you want to hear something special send requests to  If I got 'em - I'll gladly play 'em for ya!

            We're still in FULL SUMMER mode even if it's September so there's really NO better time to get out of the house, apartment, cave or whatever and support LIVE & local music!!!  Boogie to the BEST of AMERICAN MUSIC - the BLUES!!!!  I'm writing prescriptions for that medication in your name to be filled at a venue of your choice!     



Yours in the music;
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