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Who's on First -- November 12, 2014    •    BEST 50 Blues/Blues Rock releases from 2013


Got to dust off the snow blower this week as I'm sure many of you did as well - not that I was looking forward to it.   Still haven't changed the blowers oil!   The snow also caught us before we could get the hardware cloth up to protect some of the wife's plantings from Wausau's ferocious & ravenous rabbits.   They'll eat ANYTHING & EVERYTHING!                                          


I'm STILL looking for any Blues gigs, festivals and related events that you know about that aren't reflected in the latest "Who's On...".   If you have information about an event, upcoming gig or Blues happening - PLEASE - drop me a line with the who, where, when and other details and I'll consider adding it to the next edition!   If you know of a CHANGE (date, location, artists appearing) in a listed event not shown in the latest edition that will STILL be relevant in the NEXT please let me know as well.   This goes double for Blues/Blues Rock bands in or not shown in "Who's On..."!  


ALLMAN BROTHERS BAND:                      
Announced they won't be playing anymore live gigs!   Makes a guy like me way too aware of mortality.   Got to see Gregg live but never with the band.   In a couple of weeks I'll include an Allman retrospective with some of their live performances.   Probably in the Dec. 3rd show.

JACK BRUCE:                  
Another of the Greats recently joined the Big Jam Session up above.   Jack Bruce - considered by a few to be the best electric bass player ever - passed away October 25th.   An alum of Alexis Korner's Blues Incorporated, the Graham Bond Organization, John Mayall's Bluesbreakers and of course Cream Bruce had a significant influence on Rock and other genres.

I'm told the Farmer's Almanac has predicted a Winter similar to what we had last year for 2014 - 2015 - may they roast FOREVER in the fires of Hell!   Should that become reality AND/OR if you just want a break from the shoveling and cold temps ya might want to consider joining the Jimmy's January 24th thru the 31st, 2015 at Puerto Plata in the Dominican Republic.   Young Mr. Voegeli and Company are returning to the VH Gran Ventana Beach Resort there for some music plus fun in the sun!  

The resort is all-inclusive and located on the sands of Playa Dorada in Puerto Plata.   All-inclusive means ALL meals, snacks and drinks (including BEER, wine and cocktails), daily bikes, tennis, snork-eling, windsurfing, kayaks, sailing, entertainment (including Spanish & Merengue lessions), fitness center and LOTS more.   All that and ya get the Jimmy's eight piece band!   Did I mention the almost FREE Beer!!!   Don't know if they have free cheese.

If the above floats your boat contact Middleton Travel at 800 688-8785 for reservations and more detail.   Then ya can ask em' if there's free cheese.   The Doc would REALLY like to go you all but will probably be in Memphis for the IBC instead.   So ya know I'm not getting any kickbacks here.   Wouldn't take em if offered but only those who know me well know that's a fact ya can take to the bank.   Have a fantastic time to all that go!   Wonder who's taking care of the Brown Swiss on the Voegeli farms???            


This weeks Roots Music Report Top 50 Blues albums chart dated November 11th shows Mississippi Heat's WARNING SHOT #1, Marcia Balls THE TATTOOED LADY AND THE ALLIGATOR MAN second, Billy Boy Arnold's THE BLUES SOUL OF BILLY BOY ARNOLD 3rd, Gary Clark Jr.'s GARY CLARK JR. LIVE still in 4th and Alexis P. Suter's LOVE THE WAY YOU ROLL moving up to 5th.

Albums by JOHNNY WINTER, DEVON ALLMAN, LUCINDA WILLIAMS, J.P. SOARS and JANIVA MAGNESS fill out the top ten in the same Roots Music Report.   The Wisconsin Roots Music chart of Nov. 11th from October 22nd has TWEED FUNK's very fine "First Name Lucky" regaining 1st place after being bumped by Altered Five's new CRYIN' MERCY.   Congrats go out to both groups for excellent recordings!  

The Living Blues Magazine Radio charts are done just once a month covering the PREVIOUS month.   The October listings compiled Nov. 1st have Mississippi Heat's WARNING SHOT leading while Marcia Ball's THE TATTOOED LADY AND THE ALLIGATOR MAN moved to 2nd, the joint effort from Otis Clay & Johnny Rawls SOUL BROTHERS is 3rd, Johnny Winter's STEP BACK moved to 4th and Elvin Bishop's CAN'T EVEN DO WRONG RIGHT dropped to 5th.  

The Remaining October top ten slots are made by releases by Billy Boy Arnold, Duke Robillard, Gary Clark Jr., JW Jones and Rory Block.   I was happy to see that Wisconsin's Jim Liban charted with his joint effort with the Joel Paterson Trio on I SAY WHAT I MEAN.  


Not much left in our neck of the woods Blues Festival wise but there are STILL a few left - all indoor - to go.   Of SPECIAL NOTE - check out "Who's On First" for the bill of 2015's "Blues Cafe".   I think you're gonna like it!    


Musical or Blues happenings coming up in the near future around Wausau or within a reasonable drive (about a 100 miles) include the show band Hip Pocket at the Adams Street Pub in Green Bay Nov. 15th, the BOBBY MESSANO BAND for Blues in the Schools (BITS) at UWMC and later at Wausau's Intermission Bar December 10th, Highway 414 at Wausau's Intermission Dec. 5th, Bobby Evans in Neenah Nov. 15th at Sherrytown Station, Cadillac Pete & Howard Luedtke as the Delta Duo Nov. 23rd at Stevens Point's Elbow Room, Misha Siegfried Nov. 21st at Wausau's Intermission, Charles Walker Band at the Deja Vu Lounge in Appleton Nov. 15 and the Goddamns at Merrill's Dat Bar Nov. 15th.


Among BLUES or other special music further afield you have the WISCONSIN HARMONICA FESTIVAL honoring JIM LIBAN November 14th at Serb Hall in Milwaukee with Westside Andy, Lil' Rev, Doc, Danny Miller, Blue Rick Gerek and many more that have worked with Liban over the years,    ZZ TOPRESCHEDULED  from Oct. 7th at the Riverside in Milwaukee to March 29, 2015 due to Dusty Hill injuring his hip, SAM LLAMAS of BoDeans fame with his new band Nov. 14 at the Silver Dome Ballroom West of Neillsville, MARCIA BALL Nov. 21 in Chicago at the Old Town School of Folk Music and BOBBY RUSH along with SELWYN BIRCHWOOD in Monmouth, IL for the Deep Blue Innovators Blues Festival at the Rivoli Theater.


A reminder that the "Clinic..." starts at 7 PM Central standard time and runs until 11 PM.   Months back we  began a review of Blues artists recorded by Paramount Records in Grafton, WI and plan to continue playing one Paramount Blues artist every week until we exhaust what the library holds.

The "Clinic..." reopens November 12th with treatment plans developed & implemented by Lisa Mann, Donna Herula, Gary Clark Jr., J.P. Soars, Sena Ehrhardt and others.   In addition we'll have one of Australia's Blues greats - HARPER - as the featured artist!!

The Recent releases featured during the "New & Blue" segment that week include Jimmy Carpenter's self released WALK AWAY, Whitey Johnson's self titled release on the Slow Moving label, Jim Liban with the Joel Paterson Trio's I SAY WHAT I MEAN, Aaron Williams & the Hoodoo LIVE LOUD HARMONY and Johnny Winter's STEP BACK out on Megaforce!

Among the cake eaters and candle blowers celebrating a birthday this week are Buddy Ace, Bukka White, Booker T. Jones, Dave Alvin, Carey Bell, Bobby Rush and a few more if we have time.

On November 19th listeners will hear songs by K.C. Kight, Sleepy John Estes, Dr. Ross, Coco Robicheaux, Ruthie Foster, Steve Hill PLUS a JOHNNY WINTER RETROSPECTIVE!!   There's more!   Our featured artist will be none other than the great Texas Bluesman Lightnin' Hopkins!

New releases premiered on the "Clinic..." that week will be Robin Banks self released MODERN CLASSIC, Vanessa Collier's HEART SOUL & SAXOPHONE - also self released, IN THE MAGIC SHOP by Sean Costello from VizzTone, George Taylor's self produced RAIN OR SHINE and S.E. Willis' TURTLE DOVE BOUNCE out on Mr. Suchensuch.

The Birthday celebrants include Duane Allman, Hubert Sumlin, Tab Benoit, Angela Strehli, W.C. Handy, "Jelly Roll" Morton and if we can get them in - a few more.  

Our station link to the worldwide web is STILL up and working when I checked earlier this week!   If you're outside of WNRB-LP's broadcast area  and need a dose of Blues remember the "Clinic..." IS AVAILABLE at 7 PM Central Standard time on the web at OR by going to the station web site - - and following the prompts.


I'm always happy to play requests on the "Clinic..." if they're in the library.   If you want to hear something special send requests to   If I got 'em - I'll gladly play 'em for ya!

We're still in FULL SUMMER mode even if it's September so there's really NO better time to get out of the house, apartment, cave or whatever and support LIVE & local music!!!   Boogie to the BEST of AMERICAN MUSIC - the BLUES!!!!   I'm writing prescriptions for that medication in your name to be filled at a  venue of your choice!        

Yours in the music;
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